Can You Test CPU Without Cooler

Most Users have the idea that a CPU can still run just fine without actually mounting the CPU cooler properly on it but the major question’s occurs that Can You Test CPU Without Cooler?. That’s not entirely true because there are limitations to it. Testing a CPU cooler without the CPU is an odd idea but still many people try it and have found interesting results regarding it. In this article, we are going to explain if you can test a CPU without its cooler or what happens when you do it but before we dive into it there is one thing that we need to figure out first which is what kind of CPU could run without Cooler. Moreover, you may read our guide on Can you reuse a CPU Cooler.

At first, it may sound odd but you can actually use a CPU without its cooler but not all of them because only the CPUs that have lower power consumption can be run for a certain amount of time. CPUs from an older generation like the AMD Athlon and Intel Pentium series CPUs that have lower TDPs can actually run for a shorter amount of time and just like any other CPU, their temps will get very high until to a point where your PC will actually turn off itself to save the processor from burning out or any other damage. So here I have made a complete guide on Can you Test CPU without Cooler that can help you figure out its advantages and disadvantages.

Can You Test CPU Without Cooler?

As I mentioned earlier that typically this type of test is only survived by a CPU with lower TDPs so it will not be a good idea to put a modern processor to the test for a number of reasons. So, first of all, modern processors have the tendency to auto overclocking themselves when they are being underloaded this results in improved performance and higher clock speeds but it also results in higher power consumption which leads to higher temperatures.

As the previous processors like the Athlon and Intel Pentium CPUs don’t have this type of feature and have fixed clock speeds and power consumption, they don’t get hot much faster compared to the modern CPUs.

Damages That May Occur?

Nobody runs their CPU without its compatible cooler but if for some reason you have to run your PC without the cooler on it then you should also be aware of the damage that can occur to your processor. Most CPUs will last only a minute hardly but that is still enough time for the CPU to sustain damage from extremely high temperatures as it’s not designed to bear those temperatures for long period.

If your CPU gets above 105C or sometimes even 100C your PC will automatically turn off to prevent damage and for the first few times any damage is hardly noticeable but if you continue to run your CPU without its cooler for a couple of more times it will likely get burned or will not run at all. Sometimes when you do use the CPU with the perfect CPU cooler its temperature will still rise much more quickly and higher than before. This will result in issues like thermal throttling and eventually, if you continue to use that CPU it will also die.

How fair is the Test?

The amount of time that your CPU will survive the test also depends upon what kind of test you are doing on that CPU. If you are using the CPU without the cooler for just a quick overview without putting much load on to it then it will likely be the minute at utmost but if you are putting the load on the CPU for example running an application that has higher CPU usage than the processor temperature will rise much more quickly because of the increased power draw and higher clock speeds.

Moreover, if you decide to run tools like benchmarks or try to play a game the situation gets much worse as your PC will only run for about 10 to20 seconds before it shuts itself. The much easier and more explainable way of testing a CPU without its proper cooler is if you just want to take a glance at its specification in the BIOS of your PC. Other than that, it is pointless to run a CPU without its cooler as it only brings harm to your CPUs life.

What To Do If you don’t have the right CPU Cooler?

Having a not-compatible CPU cooler is a problem that most people suffer from especially when one is building a custom PC as their parts are much harder to get. So, in a case like this where you don’t have the access to the right CPU cooler for your CPU, the best thing to do is just grab any old CPU cooler and put on the top of your CPU as it’s much better than running your PC without one.

Even if the cooler does not fit properly just apply pressure to the point where the base of the cooler comes in contact with the CPU so most of the heat is absorbed by the cooler. It’s not much effective but it will give you plenty of more time to use your PC without one and it will prevent any bigger damage. Also, remember to apply the thermal paste on your CPU in a correct way because the cooler is not properly attached to the CPU which can make the thermal paste ineffective if it’s not applied in a correct way. Just make sure that the cooler has perfect contact with the thermal paste that is on top of the CPU.

We hope this guide may answer your query regarding Can You Test CPU Without Cooler.