How To Play Xbox Games On PC With Disc

Xbox can be a great source of entertainment if you are looking to spend some quality time with your friends or family members. Currently, there are four other installments in Microsoft Xbox consoles. Each comes up with many games that you can play, and the great thing is you don’t have to buy the older console to play its games as their games are backward compatible. Some of the titles on Xbox have held a place in our hearts, and we love to play these games again and again.

Those who don’t have an Xbox console think they can’t play their exclusive titles? There are a couple of ways that allow you to play Xbox games on pc without even having the console at home. Just follow our guides, and you will enjoy playing Xbox games on PC.

Can You Play Xbox Games on PC?

So before starting the guide, first, we need to know that can Xbox games be played on PC? The answer is Yes!. As you might know, emulators make an Xbox-like environment on your PC, and copying games files on them allow you to play Xbox games.

How to Play Xbox Games on Pc with Disc

The first thing you can do to play your favorite Xbox games on PC is search for them on the Microsoft store. This is the best way to enjoy these titles as you can download and play them getting rid of third-party emulators. There are a lot of old classics and newer titles that you can enjoy, and sometimes you can even get these games for a discounted price or even free.

However, if the game you want to play is not available on the Microsoft store, you can follow our easy guide on How to play Xbox games on PC with disc. Even if you have not used an emulator before, you can easily set up things as we’ve explained everything in-depth in this guide to make things easy for non-techies.

How to Play Xbox 360 Games on Pc

Playing Xbox 360 games on PC is quite different from other consoles. You can download the emulator and enjoy the titles you want to play. So without doing further ado, let’s move on to the steps.

Xenia Emulator

Xenia is one of the best emulators I’ve seen to play Xbox titles on PC as it can flawlessly emulate the Xbox 360 environment on your PC. The great thing about it is it’s free to use, and I’m not talking about a trial or demo version, but the complete package is free. It is compatible with many Xbox 360 titles, so if your hardware supports it, give it a try.

With this emulator, you can have the best possible Xbox experience on your PC, but also you are going to see bugs and glitches, and that’s common with every emulator.

How to Use Xenia Emulator

Now let’s get to set up your PC as an Xbox console. Make sure you form the correct interface between both platforms otherwise things might not work as flawlessly as you want

  1. Open the Xbox Companion application known as the Xbox Game bar on your PC.
  2. Click Connect located on the left side of the application.
  3. The app will display a list of consoles to which you can access.
  4. Next, you click on the stream catch button and games will start streaming.
  5. You will get a list of games and you can select from them.
  6. On the upper hand corner, there will play button which will start streaming the game directly onto your PC.

Stream Quality guide

After you’ve connected your PC with your Xbox you need to dispatch the Xbox App and then head over to the settings menu and go to the Game Streaming sub-menu.

You can select from three settings: Low, Medium and High depending on your connection speed.

Setting your things to play Xbox Games on PC with Disc

Both the windows and Xbox software belong to Microsoft, which has designed an ecosystem that can run the Xbox Games on Windows should the need ever arise.

Here is how to do it

  1. Navigate to the Windows Store and buy the game.
  2. Dispatch your PC as shown above
  3. Dispatch the Xbox App as well
  4. Dispatch your game and then run it on your PC.

Some final steps to do before the game runs:

  1. Enter your Disc Drive in the DVD player.
  2. Go to This PC and click on the Disc drive.
  3. Go to the hardware tab.
  4. Snap-on the plate drive after you have done the look-down and rundown thing.
  5. Click on the Details tab after the circle drive’s Properties window opens up.
  6. Lastly, move towards the drop menu and select the Capabilities.

If you followed these instructions correctly, then your question how to play Xbox games on PC with disc will be solved. Just make sure you follow the steps as it is since these can get a little tricky if not careful.

Happy gaming!