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  • Best Z690 Motherboard
  • Best X570 Motherboard
  • Best Z590 Motherboard
  • Best B550 Motherboard
  • Best Z490 Motherboard
Budget Builds

Budget Builds

500-1000 Bucks

300 USD Gaming PC

400 USD Gaming PC

500 USD Gaming PC

700 USD Gaming PC

800 USD Gaming PC

Valorant 144 FPS PC

Warzone 144 FPS PC

Mid-Range Builds

Mid-Range Builds

1500-1500 Bucks

1000 USD Gaming PC

1500 USD Gaming PC

1500 USD ITX Gaming PC

1080p 144Hz Gaming PC

Ryzen 5 5600X ITX PC

Intel i5-12600K Gaming PC

1440p 144Hz White Gaming PC

Ryzen 5600X + RTX 3060 Super PC

Ryzen 5600X + RX 6800 Gaming PC

High-End Builds

High-End Builds

1800-2000 Bucks

2000 USD Gaming PC

2500 USD Gaming PC

Ryzen 5900X + 3080 PC

Ryzen 5900X ITX PC

Intel i7-12700K ITX PC

Intel i9-12900K Gaming PC

Intel i9-12900K All-Rounder PC

Intel i9-12900K mATX PC

Intel i7-12700K + 3080 Ti Gaming PC

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